Will Naruto Die In Boruto: Everything You Need to Know

Is Naruto’s death almost certain now that he is without Kurama, or do fans have nothing to worry about? Kurama’s discovery of this was terrible. Despite the fact that his parents were killed, Naruto assured the demonic fox that he harbored no grudges toward him. While Naruto was prepared to die, Kurama stated that Naruto would not pass away since he had used Baryon Mode to endanger his own life. 

The potential for Naruto’s demise in the series is covered in the article that follows. Additionally, it will look at the likely reason for Naruto’s demise in the anime series. The star of the Next Generation series has even been overshadowed by this character, who is so well-liked by fans. For all the information about the likelihood of Naruto’s death, see the article below. 

Boruto: Next generation of Naruto

Boruto: Next generation of Naruto
Boruto: Next generation of Naruto

Fans have seen Naruto grow from a youngster to become Hokage. They witnessed him battle and live, conquering opponents and several scenarios that may have resulted in death. Fortunately, with the publication of Boruto, viewers now have the opportunity to observe how he lives his life and how his children shape his tale. Death was expected for him from the start, and admirers feared that the worst was over.

Naruto Uzumaki isn’t dead, but he will die in Boruto; the only question is when. Naruto’s odds of survival at the conclusion are considerably lowered based on Kawaki’s declaration in the first episode, as well as the fact that he is no longer the primary character.

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As Boruto is a Shonen series, every character will steadily become stronger, eventually surpassing the previous generation.

Does Naruto die in Boruto theories

Does Naruto die in Boruto theories
Does Naruto die in Boruto theories

Naruto’s death would be the final straw for both of them. Boruto will have the motivation to become stronger in order to defend his loved ones, revenge for his father’s death, and create friction between him and Kawaki.

Another likely cause of Naruto’s death is the presence of his son, who is regarded as the story’s primary character.

If his killing for the sake of attaining power appears cruel and will enrage supporters, it was done a long time ago.

To do this, the author will need to provide players with sufficient opportunities to get stronger.

Additionally, Naruto is a continuing character in the manga series Boruto. In the manga, the Seventh Hokage appears to be in good health. It appears that the character might not pass away until Boruto has fully grown into a Shinobi. Fans may now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the character will live on in both the manga and the television show.

Does Naruto die in Boruto Explained

Does Naruto die in Boruto Explained
Does Naruto die in Boruto Explained

In truth, loved ones like Jiraiya and Itachi had to be sacrificed in order for Naruto and Sasuke to get their abilities.

The authors would seal or kill Naruto and exploit his passing as a turning point in the narrative in order to concentrate attention on the current generation and placate the power levels.

Naruto is prepared to give his life in order to beat Isshiki in order to save his son, the village, and the entire planet.

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When his abilities falter, Kurama reveals that he possesses a secret form that can aid him in succeeding. Sadly, this enormous power came at a high cost.

Will Naruto be able to survive without Kurama

The character had endured so many severe encounters without losing Kurama that it was assumed that Kurama would be with him until the very end. Naruto’s losing Kurama was a big development that no one anticipated.

Naruto was able to prevent Kuramas’ demise. As a result, Kurama’s death has no effect on Naruto’s existence. But will he deteriorate to the point where Kurama can kill him alone?


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