Shadows House Season 3 Release Date, Plot, and Much More

Shadows House Season 3 will be here sooner than later. It is an Anime unique and different storylike. With a very unique concept, Shadow House won everyone’s hearts. A story of Shadows and their Living Dolls that intrigued its viewers with its freshness and uniqueness.

Shadows House Anime is an adaptation of Japanese Manga written and designed by Nori and illustrated by Hissi. Here is all you need to know before you begin watching the third season.

Shadows House Season 3 Plot

Shadows House is a story about Shadows and their Living dolls living in a Grant Mansion i.e. the Shadow House. These Living Dolls are servants of their respective shadows. All the living Dolls are living humans abducted from a nearby village named Mirror side next to the Shadow House.

The residents of the village train their kids to work in the Shadow House and to be selected by the third-floor shadows. In exchange for the same, the Shadow House produces charcoal for the residents of the village, the energy source for them. There are different floors/ wings in the mention based on seniority. There are Shadows, Living Dolls, Adults, scorches, and Phantoms.

Every Shadow has its Living Doll as a servant which is a real human. Dolls clean the soot endless soot that their masters emit, failing to do so they have to bear the consequences. The Dolls are expected to be the exact copy of their shadows. But that’s not the case with Kate and its doll Emilico. Emilico is quite cheerful, kind, and optimistic whereas Kate has a calm demeanor. Kate is distant from Emilico at first but then with time, they grow closer. And as the story unfolds, more of the Shadow House’s mysteries and secrets are revealed.

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Shadows House Season 3 Previous Season

Shadows House Season 3 Previous Season

Last season was full of surprises and twists for the viewers with many mysteries that keep unfolding now and then. Shadows house season 2 starts with the scorches attacking Barbie and her master Barbara and while fending them they are passed by a mysterious tall robbed figure that Kate calls Mater Robe. A meeting of Star Bearers is called upon to discuss the incident.

This is the first time when the viewers see a mention of Christopher. Star Bearers decide to investigate the whole incident without reporting it to the adult, Edward. As they go deeper into the matter, Oliver discovers that the incident was caused on purpose. While searching for the real culprits’ Kate, Emiliko, John, and Shaun stumble upon an old cabin in the Shadow house.

 Louise and Patrick join Kate Louise and Lou gather information about other shadows’ soot powers, and Louise decides to learn more about how to reach adulthood. Many secrets and mysteries about the Shadow house and Emilico are revealed. And it is discovered that the Robe Master was no one but Maryrose.

Rosemary and Maryrose explain their motivation and the gruesome truth about the adults of the Shadow house. Viewers witness combat between Rosemary and the Star Bearers. And our Star Bears win and Rosemary and Maryrose are escorted to Edward for punishment, where they meet their fate. By the end of the season, we see Kate is named a team leader by Barbara and Emilico works hard to fulfill her duties.

Shadows House Season 3 Cast

Shadows House Season 3 Cast
  • Yu Sasahara as Emilico
  • Akari Kito as Kate
  • Kodai Sakai as Shaun
  • Mai Nakahara as Rosemary
  • Rie Kugimiya as Barbie
  • Reiji Kawashima as Ricky
  • Ayane Sakura as Lou
  • Shino Shimoji as Ram
  • Wataru Hatano as Edward
  • Saori Onishi as Sara
  • Megumi Toyoguchi as Suzie
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Shadows House Season 3 Expected Storyline

Shadows House Season 3 Expected Storyline

One thing all Shadows House fans can look up to is lots of twists and mysteries that will be unrevealed. We can expect more rebels in the future against the Shadow house and the adults. More about the unfair means of the house is yet to be known. Fans can also expect to know more about Emilico and her past life.

Shadows House Season 3 Release Date

Shadows House Season 3 Release Date

The second season of Shadows house aired on the 8th of July. And it has already raised speculation if there is going to be a next season. So keeping up with the speculation of the fans, Shadows House Season 3 can be expected in January next year, in 2023.

Shadows House Season 3 Where to Watch?

January 2023 is not that far now, get ready to enjoy the latest episodes of Shadows House season 3 with Crunchyroll. Stay tuned to Anime Daily for more updates.


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