Overgeared Chapter 144 Release Date, Previous Recaps, and More

The Overgeared series is a manhwa series Shin Youngwoo was the unlucky one and often lost and was under the debt of buying a video game even though he was not good at it. To clear out his debts he had to do a few part-time jobs. But finally after all these struggles and unhappiness finally a ray of hope entered his life and gave him happiness.

What is going to happen Next?

In this chapter, we will be witnessing the winner of the Pope’s election. Also get to know the prime motive of Greed is to seal Lifael’s spear and save Isabel from dying. He must also hold a strong campaign for the promotion of Damian’s candidate.

The next chapter will be of complete action where the Red Knight has been sent to kill Greed emotion where Greed will try to save Isabel from the spear and the suspense will be about who won the Pope’s election.  

Overgeared Chapter 144: How Will Greed Treat Isabel With His Abilities?

Overgeared Chapter 144: How Will Greed Treat Isabel With His Abilities
Overgeared Chapter 144: How Will Greed Treat Isabel With His Abilities

It will be all about the way Greed will save Isabel. Isabel is now surviving on Lifael’s spear. Even if she leaves the spear for a second she might die. Greed must find out a way to get Isabel and not leave the spear in her hands. In the upcoming chapters, there will be a fight between the Crow assassin and Greed. On the other hand, Pope is sending bribes to the Greed so as to get his trust. Pope knows the weakness of Greed which is the money and he very well knows that Greed has to deal with all the problems that surround him. The worst situation is when Pascal lures Greed.

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Overgeared Chapter 144 Release Date

Overgeared Chapter 144 Release Date
Overgeared Chapter 144 Release Date

The new chapter has been released on 5th September 2022. Since the previous chapter, there is a lot of hype among the audience as to what is going to happen and how Isabel will be treated. Though the winning chances of Damian in the pope’s election are very less almost close to nil still Greed has promised him that he make him win.

Overgeared Chapter 144 About

In this chapter Isabel is in a sick condition, continuously coughing blood from her mouth. Though Damian always stayed with her he was summoned by the church committee for a mission.

Pascal suddenly appears and insults Damian for weak conscience in the committee hall and claims to Pope that he is more worthy than Damian. As Greed enters everything changes and he has arrived to save Isabel. He also teaches a lesson to Pascal to not to interfere in their work and Pascal remains silent on this matter. Greed took Isabel to her room and started to think about the way to treat her. Pascal has some plans, and he is trying to bribe Greed using Drevigo’s treasury.

On the other side, Red Knight has sent an assassin to kill Greed.

Lim reveals about the Isabels condition. Damian has finished his mission early but now is late because he first invited Mr. Greed to visit them. Lim is surprised and is thinking if Damian was talking about the savior of the Rebecca Church. Damian tells Isabella to hold on for some more time until she feels okay.

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He assures her by saying that when he becomes the Pope no matter what he will save Rebecca’s daughter. when Damian gets to know that someone is using the church for his own interest he is furious and on top of it if Pascal becomes the Pope it will be the worst nightmare for Drevigo.

Damian realizes that the location is not specified and asks the council to be fair. One of the elders reminds Damian that he promised to take Isabel’s missions for the Pope’s spot.

What Happend In The Last Chapter?

What Happend In The Last Chapter
What Happend In The Last Chapter

In this chapter, Damian very well knows that if he does the opposite of the elder’s council then what will be the consequences? Damian now realizes that the whole council is against Isabel and wants to kill her. He knows that he is the only one who can protect her. Damian then realizes that he has to accept what the elders are telling him on protecting Isabel. 

When Damian was about to leave, the mysterious voice of the lady told him not to go. The lady tells Mr. Damian that she will fulfill the mission. Damian comes to know and can’t believe that Isabel is trying to risk her life to come on a mission. He then remembers that she has been told not to come out of her room till she is healed.

Later on, towards the end, Isabel scolds Pascal for insulting the proxy of the goddess Rebecca. Pascal now knows that Isabel and Damian are the tools of the war for the church.

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And this is how it comes to an end.


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