MF Ghost Release Date, Plot, and More

MF Ghost is a Japanese manga and anime series that focuses on street racing by Shuichi Shigeno, the creator of Initial D, and serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine. The series is directed by Tomohito Naka, and screen played by Kenichi Yamashita.

MF Ghost, which stands for “Masashi Favero” Ghost, is set in the near future when electric and autonomous cars have become widespread. The protagonist, Kanata Livington, is a young driver who idolizes his late father, who was a legendary driver in the world of motorsports.

The mind-blowing series is about Japanese drag racers and the preposterously skilled teenager who trumps them all in nothing more than a stock Toyota AE86.

Kanata is the main character he aspires to follow in his father’s footsteps by becoming a professional racer, and he joins a reputable team called “Fav Racing,” which is owned by Masashi Favero, a former racer and entrepreneur.

MF Ghost Plot

MF Ghost Plot

The anime Mf Ghost of the manga shows a futuristic world, where electric cars have become normal to use, and traditional gasoline engines are considered outdated.

Kanata Livington is the son of a legendary driver, who was killed in a terrific accident during a race. After his father’s death, Kanata moved to Japan to live with his mother’s family and get his passion for racing. He enters the world of electric car racing, where he quickly becomes an expert driver.

The story illustrates Kanata as the main character, he competes in various races around the world, including the popular “Grip Gambler” race in Germany, which is known for its dangerous course and high stakes. Kanata also faces challenges and problems from opponent racing drivers and teams, and also his own struggles.

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Kanata’s life doesn’t stop here, the real goal is to participate in the esteemed MFG (Manual Fighting Gear) racing series, where drivers have high-performance gasoline-powered cars. Kanata is a British – Japanese racer who attended racing school in England and is now ready to travel to Japan so that he can compete in the MFG racing circuit. To fulfill his goal, he enters MFG with his father’s surname Katagiri and borrows a Toyota GT86 from Ogata, a friend of the family who is Kanata living with. Everyone advised him not to join the team, but Kanata didn’t listen and left his electric car team to join a small MFG team and try to prove his worth in the series.

After joining the team Kanata faces the cut-throat world of MFG racing, he gets to know about the dark secrets behind his father’s fatal accident, seeing a world of corruption and greed in the racing industry. With the help of his friends and allies, Kanata has to fight to expose the truth about the sport of racing. Despite his car’s profuse advantage, he makes it to the top 15 in his first race showing his extraordinary skills.

MF Ghost Cast

MF Ghost Cast

The famous anime series MF Ghost includes various characters that are

Uchida Yuuma as Katagiri Kanata (Kanata Rivington), Sakura Ayane as Saionji Ren, Ono Daisuke as Aiba Shun, Hatanaka Tasuku as Ogata, Kamiya Hiroshi as Beckenbauer Michael, Namikawa Daisuke as Ooishi Daigo, Suwabe Junichi as Akaba Kaito, and Yasumoto Hiroki as Ishigami Fuujin.

MF Ghost Release Date


The teaser of MF Ghost was released on 4 January 2022 and the fans are waiting for the series. The series MF Ghost is set to be released in the year 2023, the official date is not announced yet.

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MF Ghost Where to watch?

The fans of the mind-blowing manga series MF Ghost can watch it on Crunchyroll.


In the end, MF Ghost is a thrilling, engaging, and mind-blowing manga series that offers a fresh take on the world of motorsports. Its focus on new technology and realistic depiction of racing makes the series more interesting, it also talks about the challenges and difficulties the main characters face while entering the new world of racing.

The anime weaves together thrilling race spots complicated relations between the character, and dramatic plot twists, making intense viewing experience. The series is all about actions, drama, and challenges. Thus, soon the production team will announce the official date for the release of MF Ghost.

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