Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 99 Release Date, Recaps, and More

This series is about a manga story. This story has attracted many readers globally. This story is about a boy of a very small age who has accidentally gone through a plane crash and has lost everything that is his family, parents, and his friends as well and was completely divested by the war.

After all, that happened to him, he became a true example of how he led life after that and later on returned home to Korea. The struggles continue and not sure if there will be an unexpected enemy arriving which will lead to more challenges ahead.

What will happen next?

What will happen next
What will happen next

The past stories were way too good and the storylines were just amazing. Fans already knew that the boy was part of this world since he was fifteen years old. But the hardships he faced throughout no one knew about it. In the previous ones, the lady has finally met Iijin’s family.

The next plot, which is opening chapter 99 is with his sister calling her for lunch.

Ijin has called his colleague to have lunch with them at his place. Now, this is the time when one of the agents will lose her guard and find a place for herself outside the world where there are no fights.

Now, we will get to know the way Iijin has been living his life, which is way different from what they had given him. Not only that but now she is also inspired to move away from the world of action. The process of breaking out of the cage takes a lot of time and energy for her.

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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 99 Release Date

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 99 Release Date
Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 99 Release Date

The chapter has been already released on 21st august 2022. It has been released in many other languages and for each language, there is a different release date.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 98 Recap

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 98 Recap
Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 98 Recap

This chapter started with the training session at the base camp. The back story of Ijin, the only child, and he was always told that the people who give up would be eliminated right away. In the initial days, the training was quite tough for the young boy. People were shocked to see and wondered that such a boy was going through all these hardships all alone and was managing all these things so well.

The chapter takes a leap and cuts to where Ijin has grown up and has fought every fight. At the end of the chapter, the lady agent came to meet his family, and the present scene is where mc is trying to come out of all the traumas he has had in the past.

All about Yu ijin and Mad Dog

All about Yu ijin and Mad Dog
All about Yu ijin and Mad Dog

After ijin was rescued by the Mad dog’s group, he was kept in the camp. He was told to learn some skills and to clear all the records regarding his medical costs for keeping him alive. We come to know that all these costs are for the children to run some experiment mission through them.

He is a fast learner who became skilled enough to survive the whole training and got a chance to get chosen by the Mad Dog and he was named 001.

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Mad Dog wanted to get rid of all the failures by executing them due to their harsh policies. Ijin comes in at the right time and stops killing one of the cadets and says that since he is the leader he will take responsibility for him from now on.

Mad Dog gets annoyed as he has been interrupted and by this, he asks Ijin for a fight by throwing a knife to the ground. The mad dog keeps attacking him while Ijin dodges him and tries to pick up the knife from the ground. He was in a state of shock as the boy who couldn’t even follow the training in the initial days is now putting a fight against him. This made him feel humiliated when Ijin counterattacks him.

Ijin takes an advantage of the opportunity and by the knife scares his face and damages the left eye.

This incident was like a slap on his face and will never forget this until he takes his revenge against Ijin. Every time he looks at the scar he is reminded of how incompetent he is.

Now we have to just wait and watch how mad Dog is determined to kill Ijin. It is going to be very interesting. 


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