Do It Yourself! Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Recap, Cast, and Where To Watch

Do It Yourself! acclaimed its place as one of the most underrated fall anime of 2022. With its refreshing doorway to the slice-of-life genre, fans are speculating if there will be a Do It Yourself! Season 2.

This new and fun anime of 2022 made its way to the hearts of a lot of its die heart fans. Thus, fans are also hoping for a second season in the making after the first one was successfully released. However, there has been no official announcement regarding a second season of this anime. Considering the fact that it is an original anime, without a manga or comic storyline to support its renewal, there are lesser chances for Do It Yourself! to be renewed for a second installment.

Do It Yourself! Season 2 Plot


Do It Yourself! is a simple yet beautiful story, with a simple and sweet storyline. The anime’s character Yua Serufu is beginning her life as a high schooler. The best adjectives that can define her, are being carefree, clumsy, and laidback, and she doesn’t think much of what will come. Such a point of view towards her life continues until Yu finds her path crossing with a club devoted to DIY crafts and projects.

This club is also joined by her childhood friend Purin, whose approach is more of a tech-savvy person. The girls struggle and fail, yet they don’t give up and see the projects through to their end. As the club welcomes new faces, Serufu learns to build not only inanimate handicrafts but also, she learns to build new friendships along the way. The story thus, throws light on the lives of these girls, as they take the first step toward their future while being surrounded by art, love, and laughter.

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Do It Yourself! Season 2 Recap


The anime starts by introducing its main character Serafu Yu, who has a laid-back nature, while her childhood friend Miku “Purin” Suride, is steady and realistic about her thoughts. Despite sharing interests in the same high school, both friends end up going to different ones, as Serafu failed the examination at that high school. Thus, Serufu Yua begins attending Gatagata Girls’ High School, while Purin, attends the elite Yuuyuu Girls’ Vocational High School. Serafu soon has a chance to meet with third-year student Rei “Kurei” Yasuku, after she crashes her bicycle. In order to thank her, Serafu joins the DIY club that Rei is the head of.

Thus, begins the journey of Serafu in this new excitement-filled DIY club. She also comes to know that the club might be dissolved if new members do not join it anytime soon. Serufu soon brings her classmate Takumi Hikage to the DIY Club. While they both work on different projects, Takumi decides to officially join the club. Kurei adopts Takumi’s idea and immediately begins working to make the club room cute.
Takumi ends up getting involved in the group of Serufu and participates in the work. Next, a young transfer student from America also joins the club. Serafu giver her the nickname Jobko.

Miku soon hits it off with Jobko while visiting Serafu. With the club’s decision to make a treehouse coming into play, newer members start approaching the club to sign up there. The DIY club soon visits a seabeach where they collect seashells and conches with which they make accessories to sell, in order to raise funds for their treehouse. As the treehouse is finally completed, the girls give farewell gifts to Jokbo, while Serafu and Miku go over to build a swing and wind chime for the treehouse.

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Do It Yourself! Season 2 Cast

Do It Yourself! Season 2 Cast

The cast of this anime includes Serufu Yu voiced by Konomi Inagaki, Miku Purin Suride voiced by Kana Ichinose, Rei Yasaku voiced by Ayane Sakura, Takumi voiced by Azumi Waki, Juliet Queen Elizabeth VIII (Jobko) voiced by Nichika Omor, Kokoro Kōki voiced by Karin Takahashi and many more.

Do It Yourself! Season 2 Release Date

Do It Yourself! Season 2 Release Date

Since anime is an independent one without manga as its base, there are fewer chances for it to be renewed for a second season. Although the fans are speculating about a second season, no official announcement has been made regarding this.

Do It Yourself! Season 2 Where to Watch

You can watch the anime Do It Yourself! on popular platforms like Crunchyroll. For more exciting news, keep following Anime Daily.


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